Sunday, January 22, 2017

Unpresidented Times: Chitra Ganesh

“The truth is that mass demonstrations are rehearsals for revolution: not strategic or even tactical ones, but rehearsals of revolutionary awareness. The delay between the rehearsals and the real performance may be very long: Their quality—the intensity of rehearsed awareness—may, on different occasions, vary considerably: but any demonstration which lacks this element of rehearsal is better described as an officially encouraged public spectacle. A demonstration, however much spontaneity it may contain, is a created event which arbitrarily separates itself from ordinary life. Its value is the result of its artificiality, for therein lies its prophetic, rehearsing possibilities.”
John Berger, “The Nature of Mass Demonstrations.” Quoted by Chitra Ganesh's above article.

Chitra Ganesh is going to be speaking at PSU on February 7th.

MFA Studio Visiting Artist Lecture Series presents
Chitra Ganesh

Tuesday, February 7, 2017 at 7pm

Portland State University
Lincoln Recital Hall (Lincoln Hall 75)
1620 SW Park Avenue
Portland OR 97201

FREE and open to the public

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